Turn your daydream into your day job.

Because a great job isn’t about whether you can do it,
it’s about whether you want to.

We know that pursuing your dreams can be an intensely personal affair

That’s why we want to get to know you — in fact, we need to. We work with you to find a job that appeals to your aspirations and personality, not just your pocket book.

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Skip the Iced Coffee

Studies show that people are subconsciously
less trusting of people with cold hands.

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Do Your Research

Make sure you thoroughly research both the company and the person you interview with. Get up to speed on the company’s history and recent developments and get to know the business and educational background of your interviewer with LinkedIn and other social media sites.

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Understand the Job

Carefully read a job’s posted description and research examples online of similar positions and what work is involved. Prepare yourself for questions about how you would handle certain circumstances in that position.

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You Are Your Best Spokesperson

No one understands your work experience and accomplishments better than you. On your interview, provide success stories that compliment your résumé and add a positive, personal touch to you as a candidate. Be proud of your work, and sell yourself!

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Make Sure Your Resume
is Clear and Well Formatted

No employer likes to read a messy, poorly formatted resume. Proofread thoroughly and be consistent. The level of organization you display in your resume reflects directly on your own organizational skills.

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Use Specifics on Your Resume

Don’t assume your title in a past job will tell the whole story of what you did there. Provide specific examples of your responsibilities and accomplishments and back them up with numbers and quantifiable markers of success.

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Dress the Part

Always dress professionally for every first interview. Take note during the interview of your interviewer’s dress code, and match that aesthetic on subsequent interviews.

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You're More Than a Resume

Getting a great job isn’t just about a piece of paper.

We Can Sell You Better

Everyone has a story, we know how to tell yours best.

Attitude + Personality

Will get you far,
personally and professionally.

We Listen

Because in order to help you, we need to understand you.

Avoid Culture Shock

We won’t send a suit into an office with a ping pong table.

Keep it Personal

If you’re not satisfied,
neither are we.


“My recruiter could not have been nicer, I did not feel rushed when I sat down with her (unlike most recruiters I’ve spoken with), and she was informative when it came to explaining not only the scope of the job she presented to me, but also the company’s environment and history in general that I would be interviewing for.”

Steve I - NYC

“As a techy person, other recruiters I’ve tried using only seemed to know the general “black and white” of the jobs, but JBCConnect really knew what they were talking about. Even with my many in depth technical questions, my meeting with them was very refreshing.”

Azfar S – San Francisco

“The help given by JBCConnect during my job search was amazing. No matter when I called they always seemed ready to talk and help me with the entire recruiting process, and would always follow up with me either via email or phone to make sure I was always entirely looped in with everything I needed to go on my interview.”

Ariana – NYC

“The time and care didn’t stop after they placed me, my recruiter to this day checks in to see how I’m doing (such a great personal touch- can’t find that from most recruiting agencies!).”

Rachel T – Los Angeles

“It’s a real delight to talk to a recruiter who actually knew about the business. JBCConnect was able to help me realize and play my strengths more than I could’ve without their support and knowledge when I went through the interview process.”

Design Director – Chicago

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