Staffing is an art, not a science.

And every art requires skills, technique, and passion. We love connecting people and companies, enabling them to do great things together.

Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500 company,
we take the same personal approach to every search.

We Only Get Paid for Success

We’ve built our firm on results — and we don’t believe you should pay for anything else. Whether you’re looking for a junior copywriter, full-stack developer or a seasoned creative director, we know that a successful fit is about more than talent. It’s about compatibility — because success requires matching cultures, personalities, and passions.


Freelance, Fulltime, & Everything Between

When we see talent, we take note. We’ve built a network of thousands of the most talented creatives and technologists in the world who trust us with their representation. And we keep in close touch, because in today’s fast-paced world, the most likely candidates are often found in the most unlikely places.


We don’t have clients — we have partners.

We want to see where you’re headed, so that we can watch your back. We want to know if every day at your company is casual Friday, or if you’re more buttoned up. It might sound odd, but to us we’re just doing our job to help you fulfill yours.




1. Resume Review

2. Phone Screening

3. In-Person Interview

4. Matches Collected

5. Introduce to Clients

6. Client Feedback

7. Candidate Interview

8. Successful Placement

We support a wide range of companies, from startups to studios.

Born from the most successful staffing agency in fashion, we wanted to better serve creative and development needs. We built a team of industry leaders to support a firm focused on people. We’re passionate about what we do and love connecting great people with great companies. And we also bring our dogs to the office.


“Our partners at JBCConnect have been spot on when it comes to talent needed from the quick turnaround freelancer to the integral team member, they simply get our business and deliver time and time again.”

CBS – Director of Product Design

“Thank you for bringing newness to recruiting and finding the best talent.”

Robert Graham - Senior Executive

“From working with our global team to coordinating and communicating updates throughout the enitre recruiting process, JBC has been nothing short of a blessing to work with. We are thrilled to continue partnering with them in the future.”

Deutsch Inc. – Creative Operations

“Connect’s recruiting skills are awesome, their team has been very professional to deal with and I will be recommending them to anyone and everyone in my network!”

Audible – Design Director

“The talent Connect brought to the table has been exactly to our requirements and then some! Constant (and great) communication to ensure the job done right within a tight deadline.”

Landor Associates – Human Resources

“Their entire recruiting process is clean and polished from beginning to end. We are thrilled with everything that’s been done from the talent they’ve presented us with to the employees we now have because of JBC. We will definitely continue to work with their Connect team as we continue to grow as a business.”

10 Speed Labs - Creative Director

But enough about us.

We want to hear about you.