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JBCconnect is a full service creative technology talent agency, bringing exceptional talent from the advertising, media, marketing, public relations, technology and creative industries to the world’s most innovative agencies and tech-forward companies.Whether you need to hire a Creative Director, UX/UI Designer, Ruby on Rails Developer or you’re looking to work at an award-winning digital agency, Fortune 500 company or technology Startup we’ve got you covered


JBCPOP Introduces Pure Leaf NYC

Run, don’t walk to NYC’s hottest new drink of the summer. The Pure Leaf NYC store is offering a one of kind mixology experience with unique ice tea flavors. The menu offers a variety of indulgences from Hot Popcorn Tea to an Iced Black tea. Once your order is taken… Continue Reading

JBC Giving Retail A New POP

While you know us for our expertise in fashion, retail and creative recruitment we have expanded our wings into the world of pop-up shops. Last spring we launched JBCPOP a full-service resource for brands pursuing pop-up activations. JBCPOP helps create a physical… Continue Reading

London Calling

Over the last decade, JBCHoldings, the parent company of JBCconnect, has experienced exponential growth with core offices in New York, San Francisco, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, Barcelona and Amsterdam. We are thrilled to announce our newest office in London, England.… Continue Reading

5 Trends Affecting Staffing Firms in 2017

Identifying seasonalities is key. And it’s crucial that mature or at least established staffing firms excel at it. At JBCStyle we typically know within days or weeks when we will have highs in volume and when we will have lows. This knowledge typically allows us to… Continue Reading

Acing your Interview Outfit

Believe it or not your outfit and overall appearance can have a HUGE impact when interviewing. Within the first 30 seconds most interviewers are able to decide whether or not you would be offered the job based on your outfit and appearance.. Although fashion trends… Continue Reading